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Source: Hungary Daily News, Hungary News Today

A new Danube bridge connecting Paks and Kalocsa in southern Hungary was completed this week, two weeks ahead of schedule.

The bridge is a nine-span low-tower cable-stayed bridge with a total length of 946 meters, designed by C√ČH. After the opening of the bridge, it will only take 15 minutes to travel from Kaolocho to Paushk, eliminating the need for a detour and shortening the commuting distance by 70 kilometers.

Construction of the bridge started in February 2021 and is expected to be opened to traffic in the summer of 2024. The total cost is 242 million euros.

Concrete plays a critical role in bridge construction.

Structural support: Concrete is widely used to manufacture the main components of bridges, such as foundations, abutments, beams, and slabs. These members need to bear the weight of the bridge and external loads and, therefore, need to have sufficient strength and stability. Concrete has strong compressive resistance and can provide good structural support for bridges.

Stability enhancement: High-strength concrete is mainly used in critical parts such as main beams, piers, and pier foundations, which are directly related to the stability of the bridge. High-performance concrete has the characteristics of easy pouring, compaction without segregation, and stable mechanical properties. It can remain unchanged for a long time and enhance the stability of the bridge.

Improved durability: Concrete has a certain degree of durability and can resist the invasion of highway buildings by various harsh climate environments, such as erosion, abrasion, freezing, water infiltration, etc. This enables the use of concrete in bridge construction to increase the service life of the bridge.

Reduce costs: Concrete is made of materials that are widely available and readily available, making it easy to produce in large quantities. Concrete material cost is relatively low compared to other construction materials. These factors allow the use of concrete as the primary material in bridge projects to reduce project costs.



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