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Tungsten copper is an alloy of tungsten and copper. Tungsten copper alloy is an important high-performance material with outstanding thermal conductivity and electron exhaust homes. Tungsten-copper alloy is constructed from great tungsten and copper powder. It is refined through a first-class infiltration and sintering process, using isostatic pressing molding – high-temperature sintering of tungsten skeleton – copper dissolution and infiltration. In the industrial field, tungsten copper plate rods are widely used in electronic devices, thermal conductive materials, and high-temperature tools. In order to give full play to the performance of tungsten-copper alloy, a detailed analysis of its hot working characteristics is necessary.

Tungsten-copper alloy is made from fine tungsten and copper powder. It is refined through a first-class infiltration and sintering process, using isostatic pressing molding – high-temperature sintering of tungsten skeleton – copper dissolution and infiltration.

Tungsten copper plate and rod show good plasticity and forgeability during hot working. Through thermal processing, tungsten copper alloy plates and rods can be processed into various shapes to meet the needs of different fields. During thermal processing, tungsten-copper alloy has a higher softening temperature and can be deformed at higher temperatures, making it easier to deform plastically. In addition, tungsten-copper alloy has good ductility and is not easy to break, which is beneficial to the stability of the processing process.

During thermal processing, the thermal conductivity of tungsten copper plate rods has an important impact on the processing effect. Tungsten copper alloy has good thermal conductivity, which can effectively dissipate processing heat and avoid the impact of excessive temperature on material properties. This makes the tungsten-copper alloy more capable of deformation during hot processing and able to withstand greater stress and pressure, thereby obtaining more complex and precise processing shapes.

The influence of tungsten-copper alloy on tool wear during hot working requires special attention. Due to the high hardness of tungsten-copper alloy, it is easy to cause wear to processing tools. Therefore, selecting appropriate cutting fluids and tool materials during thermal machining is necessary to reduce wear and maintain machining accuracy. At the same time, regular inspection and maintenance of processing equipment to maintain good processing status is also an important measure to reduce tool wear.

The thermal processing characteristics of tungsten copper plate and rod are also closely related to the processing temperature and deformation rate. Appropriate processing temperature and deformation rate can improve processing efficiency and product quality. During thermal processing, excessive temperature and deformation rate may cause annealing and grain boundary dissolution of the material, thereby reducing the strength and hardness of the material.

The main uses of tungsten copper alloy:

Tungsten copper alloy is widely used as contacts and protective rings of high-voltage and super-hydraulic switches and circuit breakers, rough anvil materials for electric heating piers, conductive nozzles for automatic submerged arc welding, and nozzles for plasma cutting machines. It is also used in electric welding machines and butt welding machines. Welding heads and roll welding wheels are also used to make gas-sealed electrodes and spark electrodes, spot welding, butt welding materials, etc.

  1. Electrode product: utilized in electric discharge machining of high-hardness materials and flat electrodes. The electrically processed items have a high surface area finish, high precision, reduced loss, and efficient financial savings.
  2. Get in touch with materials: arc get in touches with and vacuum cleaner get in touches with high and medium voltage changes or circuit breakers, circuit card welding and electrical call factors.
  3. Welding materials: immersed arc welding equipment, gas secured welding maker idea, radio resistor factory (producing metal-coated resistors), resistance butt welding equipment butt welding materials (copper-tungsten alloy welding disc).
  4. Guide material: various wire rods rolled steel, used as guide protection material.


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